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Sep 16 2013

Record and Edit a JMeter Script Without Using JMeter: BlazeMeter's Chrome Extension

Today, I want to share how I use one of my favorite plugins to record a JMeter script and edit it without  opening it in a JMeter console and by using ONLY a browser!

Most of the time, when doing performance testing, you want to simulate a certain scenario by recording user actions and running the recorded script to simulate a load on a website or app.  This usually requires some complicated steps, like setting up a JMeter proxy, editing the script, debugging it, uploading it to a cloud environment, or running from the JMeter console.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to consolidate all these steps to just RECORD.EDIT.RUN. without ever opening the JMeter console?
POOF. BlazeMeter has granted your wish.
I’ll show you how I record and run a test with a high concurrency level, setting a script up in less than 5 minutes. Don't believe me? Scroll down to watch the magic unfold before your eyes :)

Step 1. Use the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension to Record.Edit.Run. your Script 

Using the Chrome Extension is straightforward. Just press the record button to start recording. 
BlazeMeter's Chrome Extension: Start Recording
To get the best recording, I recommend closing any unnecessary tabs.
I can also narrow down my recording to specific domains or URL patterns by using a RegEx filter that can be found under advanced properties.
BlazeMeter Chrome Extension: Advanced options
Once you start recording, you can browse anywhere and emulate a user traversing through the scenario steps. Once you are done, just stop the recording by pressing the stop button. Then name the test and press the upload button to upload the test into your BlazeMeter account.
BlazeMeter Chrome Extension: Name test
Now, you can adjust the test configuration. You can set the load concurrency level, the ramp up time and select the load geographical origin.
BlazeMeter Chrome Extensin: Select load geographical origin
That’s it, you are ready to run a high concurrency load test. Just select the number of concurrent users, save and go.
But wait, let’s say you actually want to edit the script and maybe remove some transactions, add or change them. Well, no worries. All you need to do is press the edit button before you upload.
BlazeMeter Chrome Extension:Edit recording before uploading
You will see a JSON structure that you can edit as you see fit.
BlazeMeter Chrome Extension: Edit JSON structure
You can edit, move, duplicate, delete or add new entries, that once uploaded, will go into your JMeter script. Don’t forget to press the upload button to upload.
Once your script is ready and uploaded, your test configuration is set, and you can run and see the in-depth reports that show how capable and brilliant your system is.
BlazeMeter Chrome Extension: View Test Results

Step 2. Use BlazeMeter's Plugin to JMeter

Ok, now say you already uploaded the script.  And you want to edit it before you run it from a JMeter console. Again, a lil' BlazeMeter magic via the BlazeMeter plugin to JMeter. The BlazeMeter plugin to JMeter is a box of awesomeness in its own right. But for the moment, I'll skip lauding its virtues and will simply demonstrate how we can use it to edit the JMeter script.
To edit the newly created JMeter script, open a JMeter console and add the BlazeMeter listener.
BlazeMeter Listener
Once the BlazeMeter listener is configured, I select the recently created test and press the edit button.
Configure BlazeMeter's Listener to JMeter
BlazeMeter Listener to JMeter- Edit
That’s it. Seriously. Now, I can edit the script within the JMeter console. Any changes made will reflect in the script that resides in the cloud and I can run or edit it at any time.

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BlazeMeter is looking for a few Beta Testers for the Chrome Extension. Interested? Drop us a line and we'll get you set up!
See another example of BlazeMeter's Chrome Extension in action.
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