Clare Avieli is the Director of Product Marketing at CA BlazeMeter, where she leads the digital marketing team. She has 15+ years of experience in marketing, PR, and writing, with a specialization in technology. Prior to CA BlazeMeter, Clare led the online and content marketing strategy at Panaya (now Infosys) and was the marketing manager at Nolio, now CA Release Automation.

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Dec 15 2014

Performance Testing for Mobile Apps and Websites: Webcast Now Online

If there’s one takeaway from Black Friday 2014, it’s that we need to ensure that our mobile apps will be able to perform under extremely heavy load.


Best Buy, the largest electronics retailer in the world, crashed on this key online shopping day because of a “concentrated spike in mobile traffic”. Best Buy’s online failure highlights the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices and the growing need to perform rigorous performance testing on them.


In this webcast, BlazeMeter’s Ophir Prusak shows you how to realistically load test mobile apps and pinpoint bottlenecks in advance, specifically covering how to:


  1. Set up and run a load test simulating actual mobile apps - within minutes!
  2. Use realistic mobile characteristics
  3. Automate your performance testing
  4. Analyze your load test and identify performance bottlenecks
  5. Overcome the specific challenges that mobile brings


Missed this session? Watch the webinar recording here: 




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