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Feb 04 2016

Now You Can Run Your Load Tests Directly Via Chat

If you’re like me, part of collaborating with my fellow team members at work is done via chat. HipChat and Skype IM sometimes feel like a more common form of communication that walking down the hall to talk in person. Bottom line, they make work easier and more collaborative.


Speed, ease and simplicity are not just abstract goals when it comes to internet technology, nor do they apply just to consumer audiences. In fact, they are at the core of DevOps objectives.


Traditionally, running load and performance tests was reserved for specialists, and something that was done in a “war room” only periodically, as the last step before software was deployed. Yet, next-generation performance testing is something very different. Collaboration and flexibility are valued as key contributors to productivity and success. And we believe in that wholeheartedly.


Running BlazeMeter Through HipChat (And Other Chat Clients) 


We are excited that you now have the ability run load and performance tests via chat apps. BlazeMeter commands can now be run using Hubot, which integrates with any leading chat clients (HipChat, Slack, Skype, and more).


This new feature is the result of a recent hackathon that BlazeMeter organized, and it was one of the few projects that was successfully developed and deployed live within 24 hours from its conception. Gilad Peleg. Frontend Engineering Team Leader at BlazeMeter was the lead creator of the feature, with contributions from Guy Arye.


Gilad stressed that the main benefits of the ability to run BlazeMeter commands via Hubot are that it is faster and more convenient (without the need to open the BlazeMeter app), it is simple to use, it and can be run from mobile chat apps as well.


What is Hubot? It’s a chat bot that you can communicate with to run important automated ops-related tasks. Hubot was developed by GitHub who has had a key role in pioneering ChatOps – a way to automate most ops-related tasks with a chat bot.


Now BlazeMeter wanted to bring the ChatOps to running load tests as well. BlazeMeter commands that you can run via Hubot include:


- running a test
- terminating a test
- listing your tests (this will list your 10 most recent tests)
- listing your tests currently running
- and listing your current reports



Here’s What You Need, and How To Set it Up


In order to get started running BlazeMeter from your chat client, you will need to have a BlazeMeter account, or access to one. Sign Up for one now!


You will need to have a BlazeMeter API Key - (You can find this here). In addition, you’ll also need a workable environment (usually https://a.blazemeter.com but configurable to any other environment).

Then you need to install this npm package to your hubot repo:


$ npm install --save blazemeter-hubot


Then add blazemeter-hubot to your external-scripts.json.


When that is all setup, you can start running BlazeMeter commands like those listed above.


Click here for more info on setup.

Once you’ve run your tests through the chat client, when you will later open your BlazeMeter app, you will see the list of reports automatically updated.



Any questions? We would love to hear them, as well as your feedback in the comments below.


Interested in more discussion about the changing nature of performance testing in the DevOps age? View the webcast of a recent webinar on the topic, Evolve Your Performance Testing to Succeed in the Digital Era that will show you how leading digital brands are integrating testing into Continuous Delivery to drive business advantage.


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