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Now Launched: BlazeMeter’s new performance booting screen

So you have successfully configured your performance test and now you are ready for the big run!


While you wait for the test to start, you can use the new features in the booting screen to make your wait the most effective and informative as possible.


More Informative


While you are watching the booting screen, we load the engines for your test. Besides being fascinated by the gorgeous loader we’ve added to the screen, you can use it to track the progress of the engines. If everything goes as expected (and we know you, it always goes as expected) you will see 100% of the engines reach “Ready” status. If some seem to get stuck along the way, you can do some troubleshooting to decide what to do next (more on troubleshooting capabilities - in a bit).


To keep things focused, we’ve added the basic test KPIs to the booting screen. During the wait you can see the number of engines, virtual users, scenarios and locations in your test. These KPIs are always updated, so that if you add scenarios to the test you will see the data reflected in these numbers. And if you need to refresh your memory with the complete test configuration, you can use the test name link and it will be opened in a new tab, allowing you to see both in parallel.


BlazeMeter new booting screen


Easier Troubleshooting


Here comes the unhappy part: troubleshooting. Every once in a while we all get stuck with our testing. Mistakes happen, engines die, etc. We’re all human. Well, except engines, but you know what I mean. In these rare cases, we know you need to be aware of the problem as soon as possible, and be able to decide which further actions to take. This is why we’ve added the Engines Data table.


Since troubleshooting is not the main scenario for running a test, it does not fill the screen and overloads you with information, unless you actually need it. To get to the engines data, click on the “Show Engines” button and you will be navigated to the advanced mode of the booting screen.


Let’s say you suspect some of the engines are stuck. Use the “Status” filter to see which engines are not ready yet. If you suspect the problem is related to a specific scenario, location, or cloud provider - use these filters to examine your hypothesis.


BlazeMeter new booting screen


If you’ve filtered the table and now you want to focus on the engines you see without data being updated and rows being changed in front of your eyes, use the auto-refresh control to disable the data updates. And yes, you can always resume the updates by just another click.


We know sometimes your teammate asks you for a second opinion regarding an interesting engine and it’s progress. Ask your teammate to give you the engine ID, and search for it on the table using the direct Engine ID search option.


To get a closer look on an engine, click the “Show System Log” icon on the engine and we’ll display it’s system log for your convenience.


BlazeMeter new booting screen


Found a problem and you don’t want to waste time waiting for the test to complete? You can click the “Abort Test” button, terminate the test and re-run after the problem is fixed.


Easier To Get Started


If most of the engines are ready and you’ve decided to start the test, just hit the “Force Start” button and the test will start. Or maybe all of the engines are ready, and you don’t need the interval time because no further preparations are needed. In this case click the “Start Test!” button and the test will start immediately. And, no worries, you can always wait during the preparation period, after which we’ll start the test automatically for you.


Don’t have a BlazeMeter account yet? Click here or put your URL in the box below to get started. To learn more about all BlazeMeter’s new Continuous Testing features, you can request a demo here.

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