As BlazeMeter’s CEO and founder, Alon Girmonsky brings over 20 years of technological expertise and innovation to BlazeMeter. Prior to founding BlazeMeter, he served as CTO for Taldor and was co-founder of iWeb Technologies (acquired by Global Media Online, 2002), a Young & Rubicam-backed NewMedia Company. Alon began his career in the technology sector as an officer in the software division of Israel's Defense Force Intelligence Unit.

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A New Script-Less Era of Performance Testing

Yep - you read it correctly. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that we’ll soon say goodbye to test scripting, scheduling, and preparation as we previously knew it.

Large-Scale Performance Testing - The Old Paradigm


How many times have you run a test and found that things aren’t going to plan?  


You think you’ve thought of everything. You carefully followed a lengthy, expensive and complex set of iterations which included:


  1. Setting up the infrastructure

  2. Writing the load testing scripts

  3. Allocating servers

  4. Debugging


Then you get to the test…


You realise that you need to need to modify the script, add more capacity, or delay certain transactions until certain events happen


When the test execution doesn’t quite go as planned (which let’s face it - often happens!), it’s super frustrating because you’ve already invested so much time and so many resources in it. So you try to consider every possible outcome while preparing the script, predicting potential issues and debugging like crazy.


But even this doesn’t guarantee a smooth outcome. Some issues really will only be encountered in real-time and, unless you have a crystal ball, you just can’t prepare for them.


And you’re back to the drawing board. More scripting, recording and debugging awaits...

Large-Scale Performance Testing - The New Paradigm


Stop banging your head against the wall! The new paradigm of large-scale performance testing involves just two steps:


  1. Click ‘Play’ and start surfing

  2. Sit back and relax


No need to create scripts, no need to debug, no need to try and predict outcomes. The new paradigm of performance testing lets you SEE the outcomes in real-time while you browse the web. Tests run automatically and show real-time performance metrics - allowing you to adapt your test and make changes accordingly while the test runs.  It’s a new age of instant interactive testing.


How is this possible?


For the past year, BlazeMeter’s developers have been working on a revolutionary new feature. We wanted to give developers an easy, simple and accurate way to test their web and mobile sites and apps on an extremely large scale.


And this week we released FollowMe - our patent-pending technology that enables ’on-demand’ performance testing.


How FollowMe Works


FollowMe is a new feature that we added to our Chrome Extension. When you click ‘play’ on FollowMe, our load engines start generating a virtual crowd of up to 1,000,000 users to imitate your every move online.


These followers become your load - and tests can run automatically as you browse the web.


Testing is now easy. Fixing bugs and reporting is easy. So easy that you can do everything instantly and on your own.

FollowMe into the Future of Performance Testing


FollowMe was a significant breakthrough - both for the team here at BlazeMeter and for the  entire performance testing community. Testing is no longer expensive. Testing is no longer tedious. Testing is no longer complex. Testing is no longer the sole domain of developers.


Testing is now possible for anyone at anytime, anywhere.


And this is just the start.


Find out more about FollowMe:


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