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Sep 11 2017

How to Open JMX Files on a Mac in 1 (Double) Click

If you are using Apache JMeter™ on a macOS machine, you probably encountered an annoying issue: double clicking on a JMeter JMX script doesn’t open JMeter GUI automatically! Instead, to open a JMX script in JMeter you have to open the terminal, navigate to your bin folder, run the  / command, click the ‘Open’ button in JMeter and choose your JMX script.


Luckily for all you Mac users, there is a way to automate this manual procedure, by using Apple’s Automator, The Automator is an OS X application that creates workflows for automating repetitive tasks into batches.


Here is how you can use Automator to automate the process of opening a JMX script in JMeter:


1. Open the Automator on your Mac.


open jmx files on your mac


2. Choose ‘Application’.


mac users can now click to open jmx files


3. In the search field, search for Run Shell Script and double click on this option.


how to click jmx files on a mac


4. Replace the ‘cat’ in the shell script field to the full path for your JMeter executable file (which is located in the bin folder of your jmeter installation) followed by ‘-t $@ &> /dev/null &’, for example: /Users/salgu02/Downloads/apache-jmeter-3.2/bin/jmeter -t $@ &> /dev/null &


click to open jmx files on a mac


5. Change the ‘Pass input’ on the top-right corner from ‘to stdin’ to ‘as arguments’.


6. Save the application and give it a name, for example ‘JMeter’.


click jmx scripts on mac to open


jmx files can be clicked and opened on mac machines


7. Right click on a JMX script that you created, choose ‘Open With’ and select ‘Other..’.


jmx files on a mac - how to open?


8. Select the new ‘JMeter’ application you created with Automator, check the ‘Always Open With’ checkbox and click on ‘Open’.


jmx, jmeter, mac, click, open


9. Right click on a JMX file and click on ‘Get Info’.


jmx files, jmeter double click, mac computer


10. Make sure that the ‘Open With’ is set to JMeter, click on ‘Change All...’ and then click on ‘Continue’.


jmx files, mac, click


jmx files for jmeter on a mac, opening, clicking


That’s it! You can now double click on any JMX file and it will open this JMX script in JMeter automatically! It will look like this:


clicking to open jmx files computer, mac, machine, apple


You can now also open a JMeter script by running the "open" command from your terminal, followed by the JMX file name (i.e. open myfile.jmx).


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