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Oct 31 2013

Ghost Performance Benchmark

A few days ago I noticed had a new pre-built Ghost image for the Ghost Blogging Platform.


I decided to do a quick load test using Digital Ocean's 512MB server size. From past experience using WordPress or Drupal I know these servers usually crumble under load of a few dozen or a couple of hundred concurrent users at most. When I ran the load test I was quite amazed at the results. The server was able to easily handle 1,000 concurrent connections with a response time of under 0.6 seconds!


To be fair, I usually test WordPress and Drupal using Apache and the Digital Ocean image uses nginx which I'm sure contributed to the awesome performance. Still the the thought of a 512MB single core machine being able to host a blogging platform that can handle the load is quite impressive.


Kudos to the Ghost team !!
DigitalOcean also rocks big time as well :)


Here is the graph showing response time and number of concurrent users.


You can check out the interactive reports yourself here:



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