Dzmitry Kashlach

Common File Storage - A Feature To Avoid File Duplication

Posted by Dzmitry Kashlach


Here at BlazeMeter, we work hard to avoid any type of unnecessary duplication. No duplicate coding and no duplicate files. Double dessert is ok though (sometimes). 

Now, imagine that you need to execute different tests using files that are similar from one test to another. Yes, you can upload these files to different tests repeatedly and use them in this way. But if you need to edit or change these files, that's when it gets annoying. It just isn't convenient to make changes and the upload the files for each test all over again.
We are developers too, so we totally get it.  That's why we've prepared a feature which will help you to avoid this file duplication.
Let’s start from the very beginning.  A very good place to start.

Create a test with a custom JMeter script.*

Create a Load Test on BlazeMeter

Save it.

Save the new test created on BlazeMeter

Now enter the user’s profile.


Here, you can see one more tab, “Files”. There is where you find the buried treasure. Just kidding- it's the file uploading plugin. Still- it is valuable.

Files Tab on BlazeMeter
Upload any files that are used in your JMeter tests and they will be visible from any Blazemeter test.
Dzmitry Kashlach