As BlazeMeter’s CEO and founder, Alon Girmonsky brings over 20 years of technological expertise and innovation to BlazeMeter. Prior to founding BlazeMeter, he served as CTO for Taldor and was co-founder of iWeb Technologies (acquired by Global Media Online, 2002), a Young & Rubicam-backed NewMedia Company. Alon began his career in the technology sector as an officer in the software division of Israel's Defense Force Intelligence Unit.

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BlazeMeter V4 (Fourth Generation) is Coming

When Software Engineering Meets Go-To-Market


BlazeMeter V4, the fourth generation of the BlazeMeter platform, will be unveiled soon - but now under its new home in CA Technologies. Yet again, and for the fourth time, we have completely changed our architecture.


Since the early days of BlazeMeter, it was my assumption and a rule I lived by, that for a hyper growth company to stay competitive you should revamp your architecture every two years. If you choose not to, you are likely to get disrupted by the new cool startup that is just starting with a clean slate.


D6 - All Awesome Drupal


Back in 2011, the first version of BlazeMeter ran on Drupal in HTML, when HTML web applications were still in fashion. We called this version D6, as it initially ran on Drupal version 6.


V2 - Single Page-app, Going Once ..


Around 2012, single-page applications started to appear and become more common. We attempted to start BlazeMeter V2.0, which included a complete re-architecture into a single-page application using Sencha ExtJS commercial components. I say attempted, because we failed. BlazeMeter V2.0 never reached General Availability.


V3 - Best Ever


We went ahead and started BlazeMeter V3. V3 was built from scratch relying mostly on common open-source libraries like Bootstrap and Backbone JS frameworks that were popular at the time.


V3 was a smashing success. We initially introduced V3 in 2014 but the last customer migrated from D6 to V3 in late 2016.


As V3 was a complete re-architecture of the platform it wasn’t compatible with D6 and we had to migrate all the users from one working version to a new version.


Needless to say, this process was painful, however it was worth it. When you don’t insist on backward compatibility you can build a new architecture from scratch and enjoy the benefits of a new technology and lessons learned from previous versions without the baggage of backward compatibility.


V4 - The “All Mighty”


It’s been more than two years since we’ve revamped our platform and it’s coming again. This month, we’re going to unveil BlazeMeter V4, but this time it’s more than an architectural change. It is part of a grander Go-To-Market strategy that is about to gain shape and form.


A significant portion of BlazeMeter V4 is already out there for close to two years, as open-source under a project named Taurus.


Taurus was released to the Open Source community back in 2015. It represents a significant portion of the BlazeMeter Intellectual Property and we’ve put it out there as open-source under an Apache license [Apache=True Open Source]. Taurus encapsulates the sum of our learnings in the past seven years in the field of Continuous Testing.


Years ago, we learned that proprietary solutions commonly provided by vendors are less relevant to modern software organizations. Developers need to have complete flexibility to build whatever they want to build. This is why we came up with Taurus. As Taurus is a framework that is completely open, one can use it as a building block to build a Continuous-Testing framework that is unique to the organization. However, it leverages a huge Intellectual Property asset with no vendor dependency.


The BlazeMeter V4 Intellectual Property that comes above the open-source version provides for Enterprise collaboration, test management, high scale testing, reporting and more.


Once BlazeMeter V4 is released, it’s not just yet another complete revamp of technology.  Rather, it’s a manifestation of a three-year old vision, in which  the Continuous Testing journey starts with the developer adopting  Taurus as the basis of the organization’s Continuous Testing framework. Then continuing to build and make it unique, while potentially offloading the actual test execution to BlazeMeter and enjoying Enterprise-grade features when needed.


To Summarize


BlazeMeter is about to release its fourth generation platform which encapsulates the sum of all of our learning around Continuous Testing for the past seven years. A complete re-architecture is required to enjoy the latest advancement in technology and to be compatible with the modern ecosystem. Needless to say that we have a path for 100% migration from the previous version to the new version.
The new architecture was built from scratch starting in early 2015. A significant portion is already available as open-source and being used by thousands of users already. While the open-source version can work independently, it can also seamlessly work in tandem with the commercial version, allowing users to also enjoy Enterprise grade features.

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