Pam Wilder is a Product Marketing Manager at Broadcom with a focus on Agile and the Rally Software and Agile Requirements Designer Products. With over 10 years of experience in Software Product Management and Agile, Pam is passionate about working with teams and organizations to scale their Agile practices and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Nov 04 2020

Blazemeter University Expands to Include Agile Courses

In rapidly changing environments, an Agile approach to product development allows you to quickly adapt to changes, risks, dependencies and feedback - while still delivering value to your customers on time and with high levels of quality. Agile methods help you build and deliver products incrementally, to provide frequent value to customers, and keep work aligned with business needs and goals. Agile offers a range of benefits including faster time to market, increased productivity, fewer defects, cost savings and better employee engagement.

But how can you get started with Agile? Check out our latest course, Introduction to Scrum, now available at BlazeMeter University. Presented by, this course covers the key foundations of scrum, including the key roles, ceremonies, artifacts and industry standard terms. If you are new to Agile and Scrum, or maybe looking for a refresher this is the course for you.

Not new to Agile? Stay tuned for additional videos in our Agile series.

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The BlazeMeter University is a free and easy to use e-learning educational platform previously focused on BlazeMeter and the ecosystem it resides in. Now with the addition of the Introduction to Scrum course, it is expanding its focus to include Agile methodologies including Agile planning and execution in Rally Software



Each course averages between 2-4 hours each, and offer learning paths so you can start at your current level of expertise and gain more knowledge quickly, with course content that is easy to consume and simple to fit into your day. 

Everyone can sign up and start learning today. After completing the simple registration process, you’ll have access not only to our new Agile courses, but all of the courses on the platform, so you’ll just need to choose where to start. See you there!

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