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Nov 11 2013

BlazeMeter Integrates to AWS CloudWatch

CloudWatch is Amazon’s out-of-the-box feature that enables users to to monitor their AWS resources such as EC2s, ELBs, Route53, EBS and more for CPU usage, Disk I/O etc.
Using BlazeMeter to load test an AWS machine.

Developers can integrate data from CloudWatch into their test and view it in real-time, while the test is running, from a single dashboard.**

How to set up your Cloudwatch<>BlazeMeter integration for a test.

1. Go to the 'Add Test' page and press edit
2. Scroll down to the Advanced Test Properties section
3. Click on the “Configure CloudWatch to Monitor AWS resources” option
BlazeMeter dashboard-Advanced Properties:Amazon CloudWatch
4. Enter your Amazon Access Key ID & Secret Access Key of your Amazon account.
Eneter AMI Cerdentials
Pssst....This is how to access your Amazon Access Key ID & Secret Access Key from your Amazon account. 
a. Go to IAM Dashboard Create a new group (in IAM) 
b. Name a group
c. Choose Custom Policy and click Select
d. Fill in the Policy Name and Document using the below params
  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [
      "Action": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Resource": "*"

e. Click Create Group
This specific policy set up gives the afroementioned, newly named group read-only access to all relevant AWS services currently supported by BlazeMeter's integration.  Now that the new policy is set save the group creation.
f. Now go to Users and click Create a new user
Create a new user (sign up) or login in with your user (these are the credentials we’ll be providing) to the BlazeMeter integration with AWS CloudWatch.  
g. Write down your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
Now let's assign the newly created user to a group we created a few steps earlier.
h. Choose a user and click add User to Groups
i. Select the right group
Now you have a user with access to CloudWatch metrics.
Once the user is created/we've logged in,  make sure to SAVE the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in BlazeMeter.
5. If the keys are correct, you should see the Profile screen
6.Create a profiles by specifing region, namespace (optional) items, And then select one or more of them
Create a new profile on CloudWatch AWS
7. Enter a Profile name and click “+Add New Profile” 
8. You can start picking up resource which are being monitored by Cloudwatch, you can also use the Namespace textbox to filter according to the resources type (ELB,EC2.)
9. Press Save
10. Subscribe to the profile you’ve just created (by clicking on the blue 'V', then press continue
You can create many profiles, and once created, subscribe to them any other tests you have.
To see the data, simply run the test - you will see a new tab called Cloudwatch similar to the Load Results tabs which will contain your Cloudwatch real-time data.
Check out a live Cloudwatch report.
**AWS CloudWatch service fees may apply.
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