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Feb 17 2015

BlazeMeter Gets VMware Ready "Stamp of Approval"

This week we announced that our Continuous Testing Platform passed VMware Ready’s strict testing requirements to achieve the status of “VMware Ready - VCloud Air®.

What does this mean for you?


In short: it’s a guarantee that you can use BlazeMeter within the VMware vCloud Air and deploy in confidence.


But there’s more to it than that.


First Some Background About Our Platform….


These days, it’s more important than ever to make sure your mobile and web updates are released to production quickly and flawlessly.


Continuous Integration and Delivery processes have already made this a possibility for many companies. But, if you’re like most companies, your testing processes have probably been holding you back. This brings a big question mark over the quality of releases and could even slow them down. It’s vital to be able to quickly and effectively test the throughput of web applications without compromising your software quality.


That’s why we launched our Continuous Testing Platform. We wanted to delete the question mark. Our platform brings issues to light almost immediately by allowing you to run  continuous automated testing throughout the build process.


What the VMware Ready Status Means For Our Users  


The VMware Ready ‘stamp of approval’ is given by the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program to top technology partners who help customers lower project risks and reduce costs.  


If you’re already using BlazeMeter, you can be 100% confident that it works seamlessly in vCloud Air - and you can deploy into production with peace of mind.  


By using BlazeMeter on vCloud Air, you have a huge range of options available to you. You can use our on-premise, behind the firewall offering or utilize our self-service cloud-based platform. You can do this for low scale testing on a single box - or production level load testing with hundreds of servers generating load from the public cloud.  You can leverage your existing IT assets by seamlessly blending tests from the same environment.


BlazeMeter’s Continuous Testing platform signifies a giant leap in the final stage of Continuous Delivery, and VMware’s vCloud air support is another step forward.


Check out our new video on how continuous testing facilitates speedy software development without quality compromises:




Find Out More


BlazeMeter’s continuous testing platform can be found within the vCloud Air Marketplace on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX).


More about the BlazeMeter continuous testing platform.

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