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Oct 02 2015

BlazeMeter Demonstrates Continuous Performance Testing for IBM Bluemix Apps

BlazeMeter's Chief Evangelist Michael Sage has guest posted on the IBM Bluemix blog, giving a comprehensive demonstration on how to automate continuous performance testing for applications on the IBM Bluemix cloud platform. 

The blog post, Load Testing Your Bluemix App with BlazeMeter, describes how by leveraging open source automation tool Taurus and BlazeMeter (available withing the Bluemix catalog) to provide comprehensive test reports, DevOps can ensure their apps perform as expected with every commit, every build, and every release. 


A few key topics that Michael covers in the blog post:


  • A basic introudction to what performance testing is, and why it is important
  • How to add a Taurus Test to a Bluemix App
  • Demonstrating a test scenario of 50 concurrent users, taking 30 seconds to reach that level, and running for 2 minutes
  • Deploying the App with the Bluemix Delivery Pipeline Service
  • Showcasing how BlazeMeter's test reports can be used to view and analyze the results, and determining if the test passed or failed


Be sure to check out the post in its entirety on the IBM Bluemix blog!

Please feel free to leave comments or questions below. 

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