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Jun 19 2013

BlazeMeter’s New Relic Plugin for Performance Testing - One Stop Solution for Performance Monitoring, Testing & Optimization

BlazeMeter’s plugin for New Relic makes performance monitoring, load testing and capacity planning simpler and more seamless than ever before.
The new plugin automatically pushes the majority of your performance testing data from BlazeMeter into New Relic’s interface, providing a single view for performance testing and optimization and drastically reduces the complexity and time it takes to find and fix performance bottlenecks. No longer are you looking at one system, either New Relic or BlazeMeter, and seeing only half the picture.
As a result, developers using BlazeMeter to find and fix app bottlenecks can now simultaneously benefit  from New Relic’s platform, newly opened to customers and partners, to more accurately, simply  and swiftly measure and report on performance KPIs.
Consequently, BlazeMeter’s Plugin transforms New Relic into a centralized solution for performance monitoring and optimization of any system, because it now provides the only 360° view available today for all of your systems.
Another huge advantage of using the plugin is that New Relic users can use the intuitive interface that they already know. Many of our customers are already seeing huge benefits from using the BlazeMeter plugin in New Relic.
During performance testing and optimization, we know how critical it is to understand both front end (browser / app responsiveness) and back end app metrics. Considerations such as the number of concurrent users, response times and latency are equally important for your database and web servers.
BlazeMeter KPIs on New Relic's Dashboard

BlazeMeter KPIs on New Relic's Dashboard


Previously, developers and devops had to go between two different systems to see the metrics of their generated load vs backend performance. Therefore, putting all of the data in one place adds tremendous value to developers. By building this plugin we are better able to understand the needs of our customers in terms of performance testing and optimization.
The data uploaded to New Relic contains all the major BlazeMeter KPIs including:
  • Response Times
  • Latency
  • Active Users
  • Max Users
  • Hits/sec
  • Throughput (Kb/s)
  • Response Codes
  • Error numbers
  • And much more
If you’re an existing New Relic user, all you need to do is add your New Relic API key to your BlazeMeter account. Instructions are here.


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