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AWS re:Invent 2014 Summary: Integration, Migration and Performance

It was a privilege to sponsor the monumental AWS re:Invent conference this year.


We view our product and services as integral parts of the cloud industry, which is undoubtedly led by the Amazon cloud. Over the three day conference, we learned that the market has matured to the point where Amazon can confidently announce that the cloud has become the new normal.


Our team had a wonderful experience presenting the BlazeMeter solution at our booth, where we learned about how our product supports development and test operations from both our customers and the cloud community. We enjoyed answering questions and demonstrating our product for roughly around a thousand people over the last two days of the exhibition.


Key Cloud Features: Integration, Migration and Performance


During their keynotes, AWS SVP, Andy Jassy, and VP & CTO, Werner Vogels, announced numerous new capabilities of the AWS cloud, that support both enterprises and developers alike. The cloud is not only about fast provisioning; it also includes important components like flexibility, and streamlining IT operations and data within the new modern heterogenous environment composed of both public and private elements. This flexibility can be achieved with the use of integration and automation, which were two fundamental features of this event, and were heavily discussed and presented by Amazon as well as those who stopped by our booth. We take these features into deep consideration as we develop our product and are always looking to simplify the way our solution is integrated into the cloud’s modern environment.


There is no doubt that CIOs want to move out of data centers. However, due to compliance regulations and the huge investment that was made over the past decade, there is still a need to continue and nurture the existing on-premises or colocation facilities. CIOs have taken the next step building private clouds in these environments, while making sure they can burst into public clouds such as AWS. Interoperability is crucial in order to deploy cross-clouds, while making sure to maintain performance across the environment. This means that containers are imperative in order to uphold such an environment, which led Amazon to announce an important new capability: the EC2 Container Service. This service supports the deployment, management and scale of docker containers, which allow developers to run distributed applications on top of EC2 clusters, while being able to move workloads between the different environments.


Final Note


AWS is the cloud industry’s maker and leader. It has been ruling the cloud for more than seven years now, and we can see a tremendous growth just by looking at this conference’s expansion. Industry analysts that expect AWS' revenues to increase 58% this year to nearly $5 billion, from $3.1 billion in 2013, up from $1.9 billion in 2012. Amazon announced that there were 13,500 attendees this year, which is quite remarkable, especially considering that there were 5,000 attendees at the first re:Invent just two years ago. Having said that, BlazeMeter extensively uses the AWS platform which allows us to support and enhance the scalability and user experience of our customers’ online services.


We were honored to take part in such a successful and impactful event. We hope to see you again at re:Invent 2015!

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