As BlazeMeter’s CEO and founder, Alon Girmonsky brings over 20 years of technological expertise and innovation to BlazeMeter. Prior to founding BlazeMeter, he served as CTO for Taldor and was co-founder of iWeb Technologies (acquired by Global Media Online, 2002), a Young & Rubicam-backed NewMedia Company. Alon began his career in the technology sector as an officer in the software division of Israel's Defense Force Intelligence Unit.

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Dec 06 2011

Announcing BlazeMeter - It’s Not Cloud Testing, It’s A Testing Cloud

What is BlazeMeter?


BlazeMeter is a testing cloud with a sole focus on load testing, designed to simplify performance and load testing for developers and QA testers. BlazeMeter provides developers and QA testers self-service tools to build failure resilient applications.


As you all know, EC2 by Amazon is a general purpose cloud. Another well-known example is Heroku, which is a Ruby cloud. So, in the same vein, BlazeMeter is a cloud specifically for load testing.


It was designed to make even the most complicated performance and load testing an easy job for developers and QA testers.


Why load testing?


Well, web-apps are an integral part of most businesses today. The success of your web-app is very important. It’s often the core of your business. The only way to really validate the behavior of your web-app in real time is to create an accurate and realistic simulation of what may happen during crunch time. Otherwise any web-app going live without prior load testing is exposed to failure.


Existing commercial and professional load testing solutions fail to meet today’s developer needs because they are either too expensive or too complex to meet real world professional requirements.


So, what can BlazeMeter really do for you?


In a nutshell, we simplify your load testing process, dramatically reducing your time-to-test and we make it inexpensive to do so.




By providing you with a self-service load testing cloud based on the open-source JMeter. The fact that we are based on JMeter, allows us to reduce the cost of operation and also allows current JMeter users to simply upload their script and run in an out-of-the-box environment.


What is JMeter?


For anyone new to the world of load and performance testing, JMeter, is an open-source load testing tool created by Apache. It’s a tool with great protocol coverage and scripting capabilities. It’s very easy to create a test script that realistically and accurately simulates any scenario. But running tests is a different story... users may find it challenging and spend too much time, up to days even, creating their own testing environment as JMeter is limited in terms of scalability, reporting and stability.


That’s where BlazeMeter really steps in an as out-of-the-box load testing cloud. Our self-service tools seamlessly create extra-large load tests with minimum friction. Every user gets their own dedicated and secure testing environment, available in numerous geographic regions. Users can opt for automatic script generation and you have the option to start, stop and re-size any options at any given time. And, it’s available on-demand.





We also have some pretty extensive real-time reporting and monitoring for optimal control. Users receive a full range of fine-grained and interactive real-time reporting, result analysis and recommendations. And, users always maintain complete control over their testing resource (logs, CPU, Memory, bandwidth graphs).


Load Test Reports.



Lots of reports -Statistic Reports.



Even more reports -Error Reports.



On top of the graphical reports, we aggregate and expose information from all parts of the test, such as errors, exceptions and logs. You can query the report to find the most detailed information you need-for example, below you can view the log tab of a test with 6 servers and each server log. It’s very effective when confirming the ‘health’ of every server.


JMeter Server Log (the health of the server(s) come first)



Our pricing is also straight forward. Sign up (no credit card required) and test your application up to ten times for free. After that, keep on testing. You can opt to pay-as-you- go starting at $8 per server hour- which comes with unlimited testing capacity, unlimited use and is available on-demand. Or, sign up for a monthly subscription, selecting the package that best meets your testing needs. Those packages also offer unlimited use and are available on-demand.


This is good for users, economically speaking as well as it offers a self-service system that allows users to pay only for actual consumption. You can use BlazeMeter on an ongoing basis as part of the product life cycle or ad-hoc whenever there is a change in the web-app. Simple.




So, what was the inspiration behind BlazeMeter? Like most of you, I’m actually a hands-on programmer with 20 years’ experience in the Internet business. I have encountered the same frustrations as every other QA professional, devop and CTO. Sometimes, you just have to jump in and create your own solution instead of knocking your head against the wall. With BlazeMeter, the wall banging ended up sparking an idea for the clouds.


After nearly 2 years of development, during our beta and garage operation, nearly 1,500 users joined using over 20,000 testing hours! Word of mouth spread and various enterprises, banks, government agencies and startups began increasing demand for our testing cloud and tools. I was fortunate to ‘catch’ the attention of YL Ventures, who understood the value of performance and load testing and recognized the importance of a focused testing cloud.


And today- with the launch of BlazeMeter, I am very happy to have YL Ventures as an investor. Ultimately, our goal is to make the life of the developer and tester easy. This funding will enable us to do so. It’s a win win!


So, Blaze it Up


Alon Girmonsky,
Founder & CEO, BlazeMeter

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