Koustubh Warty has extensive experience working with customers from different verticals over the past 21 years at Broadcom (previously CA Technologies). Prior to taking up the Product Management role, he led the SWAT/Customer Advocate team for CA Service Virtualization extensively working with customers. Koustubh is currently the Head of Service Virtualization Product Management at Broadcom. 

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Oct 11 2020

Introducing BlazeMeter VSE

Take a bow, the wait is over – the BlazeMeter VSE (Virtual Services Environment) is finally a reality. You favorite Service Virtualization by Broadcom software has taken a huge leap into the world of SaaS. Before I get into the logistics of BlazeMeter VSE, let’s look at why this has come into existence and more importantly why now?


SV Customers on a Digital Strategy Roadmap

Turning the clock back to about five years ago while talking to our Enterprise customers, it was evident that the leading CIOs could envision that cloud strategy and containerization would be imperative for success as they planned and initiated the next phase of their company’s transformation. Docker was introduced in 2013 and instantly it caught the fancy of Microsoft, RedHat and the rest as we know, is history. As a part of Service Virtualization, we introduced Docker support in v8.3. Interestingly it took about three years for our Enterprise customers to start using it. 

However, around this time, many of our Enterprise customers embarked on their journey of Digital Transformation. This included a shift towards cloud testing and containerizing their applications. I have seen roadmaps of customers that showed when they were to migrate their applications as well as their testing to managed cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP). As a part of their Agile transformation, customers were looking at us to take our current offerings and kick it up a notch to coalesce with their roadmaps –

  1. Shift-left Testing: test early in the cycle, test more often
  2. Developer Adoption: Performing unit testing before throwing it over the wall 
  3. CI/CD enabler: flexible deployment model including API First
  4. Integrated Testing Platform: Integration of tests with test dependencies and central management

At first glance, all the above points are natively covered by the much-loved Service Virtualization product. So, what’s the big deal here?


What we heard from our Service Virtualization customers


Here’s what our SV customers wanted:

#1: Ability to spin up/down a dedicated VSE during test execution

#2: Easy to upgrade, patch & maintain the VSE

#3: Deployable VSE as a docker container or in a Kubernetes cluster.

The biggest question was “Can you provide us with a VSE in a new form factor that supports all of the above criteria? 


Translating the above requests to actual deliverables-

#1: On-demand VSE in a CI/CD pipeline

#2: Automated, deployable and maintainable VSE

#3: VSE with affinity to cloud and containers

On validating the above with a group of our largest customers, we got a big thumbs up from them. That gave birth to Service Virtualization in a SaaS model. 


Introducing BlazeMeter VSE…

Broadcom’s Continuous Testing Platform strategy already includes Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Mock Services and API Monitoring. Now we’ve added the BlazeMeter VSE to the concoction. This is the same old, time tested VSE in a new avatar with modern form factor (containerized). Born out of ideation from our customers, CI/CD compatible and API First approach. This avoids complexities with the typical installs/upgrades using flexible containerized approach with absolutely no dependencies on any other native Service Virtualization components. 

BlazeMeter VSE supports *almost* all protocols as the on-prem SV VSE, except those that require the Agent (Java, JDBC, CICS). Seamlessly deployed from the BlazeMeter platform using OPLs (on-prem locations) agents which support existing SV Virtual Services in MAR format. Natively supports various cloud providers as well as flexibility and scalability with support for docker and Kubernetes.  Kubernetes support enables high availability with a cluster. Internally Kubernetes would bring up a different pod as required. The following graphic shows how the VSE feature works in a BlazeMeter environment.



Hallmark features of BlazeMeter VSE

  • No dependencies on any Service Virtualization components
  • Native support for Cloud offering support for various providers
  • Flexible and scalable deployments with docker and Kubernetes
  • Seamless integration with BlazeMeter Functional and Performance tests
  • API-First strategy for the CI/CD pipeline
  • No separate start-up for the BlazeMeter VSE. It will start when the first Virtual Service is deployed
  • When BlazeMeter VSE detects that no Virtual Services are running, it shuts itself down
  • Ability to insert the 3rd party jars on the fly without the need to login to machines


How do our customers get started with BlazeMeter VSE?

The documentation on BlazeMeter VSE is here which covers a variety of topics as well as the installation perquisites and instructions on Docker as well as Kubernetes. 

To schedule a discussion and demo, reach out to koustubh.warty@broadcom.com or petr.vlasek@broadcom.com.  Looking forward to our customers to taking advantage of this colossal feature to our portfolio and partnering with us as they continue their Agile Transformation journey.  You can also check out this webcast to get you started.



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