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Jan 12 2016

10 DevOps & Testing Conferences To Attend in 2016

What are the leading DevOps and Testing conferences to look forward to in 2016?


As the new year has begun and we plan our strategies and schedules for 2016, it seems like a good time to look ahead at some of the most important events in the coming year. Conferences offer a unique opportunity for face-to-face networking, raising brand awareness with potential partners and prospects in person, and, of course, an opportunity to listen to the latest insights and from industry movers and shakers.


Some of the latest trends surrounding software development, delivery, and testing that will be talked about in 2016 include an increasing emphasis on cloud computing, security, mobile performance, continuous integration and continuous delivery, containers and microservices, the Internet of Things, and perhaps most prominently, DevOps and automation. Conferences in 2016 will surely focus on these and other major developments.


Let’s take a look at ten DevOps and Testing focused conferences to consider attending in the upcoming year. We’ll list them in chronological order. Note that not every conference has confirmed final details for events late in the year, but we’ll update this post as more information comes in.


1. IBM InterConnect (February 21-25 in Las Vegas) - One of the many focuses of IBM’s major cloud and mobile event is DevOps, touching on software, web and mobile testing, operations and deployments. Some of the sessions we are looking forward to include: “Cognitive IoT: People, Technology and Things Working Together to Transform the Human Experience“, and a session to be delivered by BlazeMeter Chief Evangelist Michael Sage on “Continuous Performance Testing with Open Source Tools”.


2. STPCon (The Spring event will be held April 4-7 in San Francisco - there is a Fall conference as well, with the dates and location still to be determined) - The Software Test Professionals is held on the West coast in the spring and on the East coast in the fall each year, and is always a highlight on the testing calendar. Featuring "a program designed by testers for testers," STPCon includes sessions that cover topics such as Agile testing, mobile QA and deployment, automated software testing, leadership perspectives, and visual testing.


3. QUEST (April 18-22 in Chicago) - The Quality Engineered Software and Testing Conference & Expo features “thought leaders, evangelists, innovative practitioners, and IT professionals” who come together to focus on topics that include Agile, testing automation, open source, performance, mobile and a lot more. 


4. STAREAST & STARWEST (May 1-6 in Orlando and October 2-7 in Anaheim) - These 2 conferences combined are generally agreed to be the biggest shows to circle on the calendar for those interested in software testing. With more than 100 learning and networking opportunities, the STAR (Software Testing and Review) events cover performance testing, DevOps, Agile testing, test automation, cloud testing, mobile and much more.


5. OSCON (May 16-19 in Austin) - The leading event dedicated to everything open source related. We at BlazeMeter are big advocates for major open source load testing platforms like Apache JMeter and Taurus and we are big fans of OSCON. Attendees learn from experts how they solve difficult problems using the open source ecosystem.


6. Better Software West and East (June 5-10 in Las Vegas and November 13-18 in Orlando) - The Better Software Conference encompasses the entire software development lifecycle. If you are new to software development, testing, or management, come and learn the foundational techniques you will need to produce quality software. It’s also worthwhile to note that all Better Software conferences are held in conjunction with Agile Dev Conferences and DevOps Conferences. Topics include cloud, mobile, testing and quality assurance, enterprise DevOps, continuous integration DevOps tools, and more.


7. Velocity (There are two major U.S. events - June 20-23 in Santa Clara and September 19-22 in New York City) - One of the premier events of the year, without a doubt (and again, there are multiple events). Everything about web development, operations, web applications and performance, Velocity has established a reputation as a conference that always seems to reveal something new. From topics that include automation and DevOps to continuous delivery to the Internet of Things, Velocity has it covered. Comprehensive and informative.


8. CHEFCONF (July 11-13 in Austin) - One of the largest gatherings of web-scale IT and DevOps leaders, practitioners, and innovators, ChefConf 2016 will take place over the course of three days. The conference includes discussions, collaborative presentations, technical training, and hands-on labs focused on automating infrastructure and the continuous delivery of applications.


9. AWS re:invent (November 28 - December 2 in Las Vegas) - A monster event focused on cloud computing from the largest cloud provider, Amazon Web Services. With over 18,000 attendees, the scene here is one could guess a bit chaotic, but if you are looking for an event that is comprehensive, informative and pretty much an amazing experience, re:invent is one not to miss. One of the highlights of last year’s show was the revealing of AWS CodePipeline, a continuous delivery and release automation service. I’m sure we’ll have - as always - a lot to look forward to at this show in late 2016.


10. Jenkins User Conferences and APM user events - I want to add a few more events to consider in 2016, and those include the Jenkins Users Conferences (2016 dates and locations still be to determined). Cloudbees organizes these 1-day gatherings to focus on the Jenkins continuous integration and continuous delivery platform specifically, and continuous delivery in general. We found last year’s Jenkins conferences really educational and recommend them. In addition, ifn you are interested in ways to monitor the front end of your website or application, attending one the user conferences from the leading APM providers is a must. Make sure to check back about more information about New Relic’s FutureStack held in San Francisco in the fall, AppDynamics’s AppSphere held toward the end of the year in Las Vegas, and Dynatrace’s Perform, held in the fall last year in Orlando (all dates for the APM focused events are still TBD).


Want to let us know about a DevOps or testing event that you would like to recommend? Leave your comments below.

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