uTest Partners with BlazeMeter to Provide Full-Service Load Testing Solutions for Web & Mobile Apps

Partnership fuses BlazeMeter's cloud-based testing platform with uTest's army of performance experts to create, maintain and analyze Apache JMeter™-driven load tests


uTest, the world’s leading provider of in-the-wild software testing, and BlazeMeter, the Apache JMeter™-compatible load testing platform for developers, today announced they will join together. This partnership will combine to offer unprecedented expertise and ease in executing, monitoring and interpreting  performance tests using the popular open source testing framework, Apache JMeter™.


BlazeMeter gains access to uTest’s global community of performance engineers, making it even easier to adopt agile performance testing into any dev lifecycle. While uTest gains access to BlazeMeter’s Apache JMeter™-compatible performance testing infrastructure, which provides the scalability for companies to execute load tests on-demand.


Companies can now utilize the combination of uTest and BlazeMeter capabilities to receive a fully managed, end-to-end load testing solution that includes:


  • Apache JMeter™ tests developed and maintained using uTest expertise - uTest’s expert performance engineers work closely with customers to build high-quality load tests that accurately evaluate an app performance, and offer insights into how it can be improved

  • BlazeMeter’s optimized load testing platform - Massively scalable and on-demand, BlazeMeter’s Apache JMeter™ compatible cloud-based platform easily enables users to simulate traffic of ANY scale within minutes. No need to coordinate or provision resources in advance.

  • Access to current and archived Apache JMeter™ load test results - Customers retain full access to archived tests for use or comparison with past test results.

  • Freedom from expensive proprietary technology - Using Apache JMeter™ (the gold standard in open source performance testing) companies avoid getting locked into a proprietary technology. This enables customers to maintain flexibility and control their load testing as their needs and applications change, and BlazeMeter is fully compatible for use with any Apache JMeter™ script or plugin as-is. No modifications, hardware or downloads needed.


“Customers have been asking uTest to bring the same fully managed, open approach to load testing that has made our functional testing business so successful,” said uTest CEO Doron Reuveni. “When we evaluated the landscape of load tools players -- and spoke with industry analysts and customers -- it became clear that BlazeMeter was the right partner.  This agreement enables customers to have any web or mobile application load-tested quickly and affordably, regardless of their in-house expertise. Whether they need load testing before a big launch, the holidays, a major ad campaign, or on an ongoing basis, effective, open load testing has never been more accessible.”


For example, any company needing to simulate browser load capacity on a regular basis or simply before a traffic surge, like the upcoming Black Friday-Cyber Monday retail extravaganza, can use uTest’s performance experts to create load scripts using Apache JMeter™ and then deploy those scripts on BlazeMeter’s cloud-based performance testing platform.  Companies can then assess how many visitors or just how much traffic their apps can handle, pinpoint site bottlenecks, fix and retest, and be advised by uTest’s experts how to best address future problems.


“We are looking forward to partnering with uTest to complement our load testing platform with a full service offering,” said Alon Girmonsky, Founder & CEO of BlazeMeter. “Customers can now gain access to to a fully managed, performance testing service leveraging open source technologies such as Apache JMeter as part of their agile product life-cycle.”


Founded in 2007, uTest is the world’s leading provider of in-the-wild testing solutions. The company recently announced expanded Usability Testing, and also that it will be expanding its vision and changing its name to Applause in 2014.                                                                                           


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For more information about uTest (soon to be Applause), contact Nick Lorenzen at nlorenzen@utest.com/617-688-0525. You may also visit www.utest.com and keep tabs on @uTest via Twitter.

For more information about BlazeMeter, contact Daniela Sztulwark at daniela@blazemeter.com/855.445.2285 Ext 701. Visit www.blazemeter.com, subscribe to the JMeter Cloud Blog and follow BlazeMeter on Twitter.