CallFire’s Political Communications Platform Now Optimized by BlazeMeter

 U.S. election solution manages 30,000+ simultaneous calls, BlazeMeter enables peak efficiency to avoid unacceptable downtime


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., October 11, 2016— BlazeMeter, the leader in open source-based continuous performance testing, today announced that CallFire, a voice and text connectivity provider to more than 100,000 worldwide businesses and political organizations, has adopted its solution to maintain optimum platform performance during the final 30 days of the U.S. elections.


CallFire’s platform contains a wide variety of communications solutions, including voice and text messaging, automated calling, call tracking and interactive voice response (IVR). At any given time, the company must manage thousands of simultaneous calls and messages in order to carry out their customers’ marketing, promotional and customer service activities.


Volume is especially important to CallFire during an election year, as it is used by several high-profile political candidates and activist groups. To ensure their platform can effectively manage a particularly high volume of traffic, CallFire now utilizes BlazeMeter’s continuous performance testing solutions.


CallFire works with BlazeMeter to continuously test a variety of traffic scenarios using both the Selenium Webdriver to exercise their website and JMeter to manage their API. With this approach, they can quickly observe the impact of load on a variety of systems, analyzing traffic patterns and system stress through New Relic and Zabbix. BlazeMeter’s ability to combine a variety of open-source testing tools and APM technologies provides a clear picture of the potential traffic impact on performance, helping CallFire alert its DevOps teams when it’s time to add capacity.


The end result is a development team that puts performance testing at the heart of DevOps and continuous delivery, with clear and consistent insights to keep the platform running smoothly. As a result of BlazeMeter tests, the development team has made several system changes to better handle inbound and outbound volume. In a time when platform performance is especially critical, BlazeMeter is depended upon to ensure system reliability. Due to customer demand and performance testing, the Cloud Call Center application went from handling 300 simultaneous agents, to more than 2,000.


“The stakes are raised for us this year, as more business creates a critical need for performance,” said Sean Gera, strategic analyst at CallFire.  “We have particularly high-profile clientele this year, and we want to keep those clients for the next election season. Providing high performance is the way to do that.”


“You never know what’s going to happen during a campaign,” said Adrian Rodriguez, principal engineer, CallFire. “BlazeMeter revealed things that you wouldn’t expect to consume critical system resources. With BlazeMeter, JMeter isn’t difficult to adopt, and it keeps our system running smoothly.”


“The CallFire story is an example of how testing consistently allows DevOps teams to change course and solve hidden problems before they have a critical impact,” said Alon Girmonsky, CEO and Founder of BlazeMeter. “Their engineering team is a valuable example of how CD can proactively improve tech performance, making it a key differentiator during a busy and business critical time for their team. With BlazeMeter and JMeter, testing can make a huge business impact.”


Find out more about how CallFire prepared for the 2016 elections in this case study. For more information on how to improve site performance through continuous performance testing, visit


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