BlazeMeter Uplevels New Relic Partnership With Insights Integration

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 18, 2014 -  BlazeMeter, the leading performance testing as a self-service platform for mobile apps, websites and APIs, today announced integration with New Relic Insights, entering the next phase of its multi-level partnership with New Relic. This integration enables customers to have an active, real-time querying conversation with their own performance testing data by utilizing the analysis power of New Relic Insights.

The integration of New Relic Insights, a real-time analytics platform that empowers users to make fast and informed decisions about their software, now allows BlazeMeter customers to gather and visualize their load test data on New Relic’s dynamic, customizable dashboards—giving them unparalleled insights into their system architecture and performance metrics. With Insights, joint customers can analyze their test environment data in new and exciting ways.


“In the past, access to big data solutions was complicated, time-consuming and expensive. New Relic Insights works to change this—it collects, stores and analyzes billions of data points and displays them in real-time. Users can now have an active conversation with the software, querying the KPIs that matter to them and receiving instant answers,” said Bill Lapcevic, VP of Business Development at New Relic. “Successful performance testing goes hand-in-hand with sophisticated analytics and we are delighted to broaden our partnership with BlazeMeter with this new integration.”


Joint BlazeMeter and New Relic customers can now automatically feed data into New Relic Insights and make correlations with test environment data in new ways. They can, for example, view multiple test runs, segment test metrics, get a ‘birds eye’ aggregate view or drill down into deeper granularity. Users can also query the data and receive answers in seconds, enabling them to make better data-driven decisions.


“Testing makes it easy to trigger a symptom, but you need monitoring to identify the root problem in the first place. Together, BlazeMeter and New Relic provide their customers a full 360-degree view of their systems,” said Alon Girmonsky, Founder and CEO of BlazeMeter. “Data analysis is most valuable when you can understand and act upon it instantly. With the Insights integration, our customers can dynamically define the KPIs they want to analyze, query the application and instantly understand the specific quirks of their system.”


The integration between BlazeMeter and New Relic also expands the value proposition to both companies’ customers. The Insights integration is the third connection from BlazeMeter’s partnership with New Relic, following the New Relic Connect Partner and Platform Partner announcements. BlazeMeter has been a New Relic partner since January 2013. The components from the New Relic partnership make it easier for users to monitor end-user experience and KPIs while load testing.


BlazeMeter will be sponsoring and attending New Relic’s annual FutureStack14 conference, October 8-9, 2014 in San Francisco.


Find out more about New Relic and BlazeMeter’s partnership.

Watch this video for more information about BlazeMeter’s integration with New Relic Insights.


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BlazeMeter is the leading agile performance testing as a service platform provider. The company's products enable engineers to run load tests on any mobile app, website, or API, simulating more than one million concurrent users on a developer-friendly self-service platform from any of the public clouds or from inside the corporate firewall. BlazeMeter’s agile platform is 100 percent compatible with Apache JMeter. The innovative platform significantly simplifies performance testing by providing developers easy integration with their native development environment, unlimited on-demand performance testing capacity, sophisticated results analysis and distributed testing across multiple geographic locations. More than 50,000 users, many from leading Fortune 100 companies such as DirecTV, Walmart, Thomson Reuters, Adobe, Disney, Cubic Corporation, KGM Gaming and Pfizer rely on BlazeMeter for their performance testing needs. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, please visit, our blog or find us on Twitter @BlazeMeter and on LinkedIn.


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