BlazeMeter Releases 5 Advanced Load Testing Features: Even Stronger Load Testing Tool

BlazeMeter, provider of the Apache JMeter™ based load testing platform, today released five new features to their already rich load testing cloud. The suite of new features further simplifies load testing just in time for the expected rush of traffic over the holiday season.


BlazeMeters New Load Testing Features


- Google Analytics Integration *Exclusive*


Retrieve relevant site data from your Google Analytics account and integrate automatically into a new test setup.


- Comprehensive Protocol Support


Stress test your SQL systems (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle), HTTP/S, Web services, Mobile and TCP/IP.


- Test Behind the Firewall


Use your VPN credentials to integrate a series of our dedicated load servers into your private network.


- Smart Functional Testing


Analysis of .JTL files to assess errors or failed transactions of any tests run using a JMeter script to ensure assertions are met.


- Master/Slave Reporting


Test your website and aggregate multi-geo locations results into a single report OR run numerous tests, each executing a different script from a different geo-location and then aggregate results into a single report.


“It’s crunch time from now through the holiday season and sites are scrambling to prepare. Potential customers are typically lost when a page takes even as little as five seconds to load. So, at a time of year when traffic is at its most intense, effective load testing is critical to ensure that sites can cope with the highest volumes of visitors. Ultimately it can save them from losing customers and money when competition is fiercest,” said Alon Girmonsky, BlazeMeter Founder & CEO.


He continued, “Companies are recognizing the urgency for regular performance tests to keep their own products viable online. Our new features respond to the growing needs of developers and we will continue to provide cutting edge features to optimize and simplify load testing for all. We provide developers faster and easier methods to implement a serious load testing protocol based on best practices.”


As an added holiday promotion, users who sign up for BlazeMeters Annual plans have a limited time offer for the holidays. Users can save 20% (compared to monthly subscription plans) They can load test 50% more concurrent users, use double the load engines and receive 20% more testing hours.


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