BlazeMeter: New Jenkins Plugin

Load Testing for Simplified, Ongoing Quality Control


BlazeMeter, provider of the Apache JMeter™ based load testing cloud, today announced the release of its latest performance plugin, this time, for the open-source Jenkins software. Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) is the de facto practice for enterprise software development and now Jenkins developers can engage in realistic cloud testing as part of the continuous integration process.


The new BlazeMeter plugin allows users to leverage cloud based load testing as part of the Jenkins build cycle. It completely alleviates the need for on-premise servers, load testing software installation or complex configurations. BlazeMeter’s self-service load testing platform significantly simplifies the process of load testing for developers.


During each load test, a dedicated cluster of up to 60 JMeter load engines is launched in a matter of minutes with a traffic origin of choice between 7 multi-geo locations. These dedicated servers generate traffic according to a JMeter test script. Starting and stopping the load test is achieved by an automated Jenkins process that uses BlazeMeter’s REST API.


Reports that include real time KPI analysis are stored as part of the Jenkins build as well as in the user’s account. BlazeMeter tests can also run on-demand using a browser, so any issues located in the reports during the build can be easily reproduced by the developer. Using the dashboard of reports, users can easily evaluate system performance and run numerous iterations, enabling them to locate errors, fix and re-test time and time again.


“BlazeMeter is a load testing platform made for developers. It significantly simplifies the load testing process by providing developers with all resources they need; a scalable, comprehensive and most importantly realistic load testing, simplified with a time to test of less than 5 minutes. This gives developers time to focus on perfecting their web applications,” said Alon Girmonsky, Founder & CEO of BlazeMeter. “The Jenkins plugin, will now allow developers to hook the cloud testing capabilities into the continuous integration process and automate the process altogether.”




About BlazeMeter


BlazeMeter is a self-service, load testing cloud, 100% compatible with open source Apache JMeter™, the popular performance testing framework. An optimal solution for developers and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, BlazeMeter provides an enterprise grade, out-of-the-box JMeter environment with unlimited load testing capacity, comprehensive, interactive real-time reporting and sophisticated result analysis and recommendations.


Build a dedicated, virtual load testing lab in the cloud in a matter of minutes, requiring only a browser with a choice of 7 multi-geo locations, including California, Virginia, Oregon, Tokyo, Ireland, Singapore and Sao Paulo.


Sign Up to BlazeMeter is free and no credit card is required. A lifetime free tier enables users to run limited size tests free of charge.


Among BlazeMeter’s customers are first tier enterprises including banks, government agencies, gaming and more. For more information please visit, subscribe to the JMeter Cloud Blog and follow the company on Twitter:


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