BlazeMeter Makes Load Testing for Startups an “Absolute Breeze”

Startups across the globe are benefiting from BlazeMeter’s load and performance testing platform.


Recognizing the difficulties experienced by startups when it comes to managing the distribution of large scale load testing, BlazeMeter launched a free load testing plan for startups. For six months, eligible startups can enjoy 20 performance tests per month for up to 1,000 users with two load servers and two weeks of data retention.


Jeremiah Heller, a Senior Software Engineer at US-Based startup Impact Dialing is among the hundreds of users already taking full advantage of this plan. His team signed up for BlazeMeter in order to verify that infrastructure changes would perform reliably under various load conditions.


“It was very easy to get tests running within a few minutes of uploading the first script. Tweaking uploaded scripts in most cases was also quick,” said Jeremiah. “BlazeMeter's distributed platform made achieving real-world concurrency an absolute breeze.”


Mark Delacour, Development & Engagement Manager at Broken Rainbow UK, similarly enjoyed great results when he used BlazeMeter’s integration with Drupal to test the resilience of the company’s new website in preparation for an anticipated traffic spike.


“BlazeMeter with its Drupal integration was quick and easy to use, and helped us identify the bottlenecks in our website,” said Mark. “We identified an issue at around 200 users. We brought this to the attention of our hosting company and, based on their advice, were able to alter our caching to drastically improve the availability of our site.”


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Check out BlazeMeter’s free load testing plan for startups to find out if you’re eligible and sign up.