BlazeMeter Launches Load Testing Cloud Based on Apache JMeter

BlazeMeter, the JMeter Cloud Company, today announced $1.2 million in Series A funding from YL Ventures and launched the first cloud service for load and performance testing powerful enough to perform enterprise-grade load testing. Based on the popular Apache JMeter open source project, BlazeMeter is delivered as a self-service web application for developers and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals providing a comprehensive easy-to-use load and performance testing solution that can simulate and report on even the most complex load testing requirements and environments.


Today, users of web applications demand an error-free user experience that is fast and seamless. As more and more computing shifts to web applications, the industry need for powerful load and performance testing is exploding. IDC predicts that the automated software quality (ASQ) market will approach $2.6 billion in the next two years.


“BlazeMeter provides developers and QA testers self-service tools to build failure resilient applications.” said Alon Girmonsky, CEO and founder of BlazeMeter. “In the same way that AWS introduced EC2 based on XEN and Heroku created a cloud focused on Ruby, BlazeMeter has created a cloud that focuses on load testing and is 100% compatible with the open-source JMeter. We’re using the cloud to answer the need for a powerful, inexpensive, do-it-yourself load testing solution.”


Existing commercial and professional load testing solutions fail to meet today’s developer requirements because they are either too expensive or too complex to meet real world professional requirements. While the leader of the open-source load testing tools, JMeter, is an excellent automation tool (more than 1 million downloads in 2011), it is challenging to deploy and is often limited in terms of scalability for the requirements of enterprise and high-traffic web sites.


Due to its unique technology, BlazeMeter overcomes these challenges through a self-service load testing cloud that provides unlimited testing capacity, comprehensive and interactive real-time reporting and sophisticated result analysis and recommendations.


“We host hundreds of thousands of live virtual events with thousands of simultaneous users, so performance is our priority. BlazeMeter allows us to effortlessly load test at large scale capacity and we are able to run 50,000 simultaneous users tests on a weekly basis,” said Shlomo Rothschild, Director, Divisional Information Security and Architect at InterCall. “With BlazeMeter's out-of-the-box testing cloud, there is no need to manage or configure any hardware. We receive unbeatable analytics at record speed to help us thoroughly analyze any load issues and always head into any large-scale event with absolute confidence.”


During BlazeMeter’s beta period, the service attracted 1,500 registered users and close to 100 paying customers. Users can easily define the resources required for load tests, including number of load engines, geographic origin, bandwidth strength and more. BlazeMeter alters the economics of load testing by providing a self-service system that allows users to


pay only for consumption. Opt for “pay as you go,” priced at $8 per server hour or select a subscription package based on individual testing needs.


The BlazeMeter load testing cloud service is available today. For more information, visit, where interested users can try a load test using BlazeMeter for free.


About BlazeMeter


Well-suited to web application developers and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, BlazeMeter provides a self-service professional grade load testing cloud with unlimited testing capacity, comprehensive and interactive real-time reporting, and sophisticated result analysis and recommendations. BlazeMeter is funded by YL Ventures. For more information please visit and follow the company on Twitter: