BlazeMeter Helps Grindr Manage 1.2 Million Concurrent Users and Boost Innovation

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 27, 2016— BlazeMeter, the leader in open source-based continuous performance testing, today announced that Grindr, the largest all-male mobile social network in the world, accelerated its pace of innovation by 400 percent with BlazeMeter’s performance testing platform.


Grindr’s mobile app has over 2 million daily active users in 196 countries. In order to develop an infrastructure to handle a high volume of usage, Grindr relies on a wide variety of systems managed by individual engineering teams responsible for Android, iOS, platform and chat, among others. Each team constantly works on new innovations called “stories,” designed to improve the application’s performance and introduce new features.


Grindr’s disparate environment relies on a variety of protocols, including XMPP and HTTP. By working with BlazeMeter and leveraging the XMPP JMeter plugin that BlazeMeter contributed to open source, Grindr’s engineering team can utilize JMeter’s capabilities to run a variety of load and regression tests, at any time, from anywhere. BlazeMeter’s platform allows Grindr to run tests at high scale to simulate usage patterns, or at various stages in the development process to validate new improvements.


By using BlazeMeter’s ability to test at various points in the development lifecycle, Grindr’s development team can quickly verify and demonstrate the ROI of a development project, helping to streamline and accelerate its modern DevOps process. As a result, in 6 months, Grindr went from 2-3 new innovations per month, to between 12-15.


Grindr’s performance testing approach also ensures that deficiencies are identified and anticipated load problems are resolved before they ever happen to end-users, ensuring that downtime is far less frequent and mitigated quickly by shifting infrastructure resources. BlazeMeter has also helped validate new infrastructure investments, helping Grindr’s team test various usage scenarios across a variety of environments. BlazeMeter recently helped Grindr replace its infrastructure with a new and more efficient platform, helping it save tens of thousands of dollars in hosting costs.


With the help of BlazeMeter’s testing capabilities, Grindr can handle 1.2 million concurrent users during peak traffic times, and continuously release new upgrades and features to engage its fast-growing community.


“BlazeMeter makes development easier by helping us deliver important features while reducing any kind of impact they have on our performance,” said Marco Huerta, QA Manager, Grindr. “It has the flexibility to run a selection of tests on a variety of protocols from one tool, helping our team develop a resilient, self-healing system that recovers faster and gives our users the features they want.”


“Modern development teams understand that testing isn’t just about preparing for outages, it’s a valuable way to increase a company’s rate of innovation,” said Alon Grimonsky, CEO of BlazeMeter. “It’s an indication of the versatility and value of testing throughout the development lifecycle. When an application with 2 million daily users considers uptime a secondary benefit of load testing, it speaks to the holistic value it brings to the DevOps process.”


For more information, read the case study.


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