BlazeMeter Brings Next-Gen Continuous Performance Testing to DevOps, Experiences High Growth Velocity With Market Shift

BlazeMeter Brings Next-Gen Continuous Performance Testing to DevOps, Experiences High Growth Velocity With Market Shift


BlazeMeter doubles revenue, new enterprise customers and platform usage, achieves over 95 percent customer retention year-over-year


Mountain View, California. – OCT. 1, 2015 – BlazeMeter, the leader in open-source based continuous performance testing, today announced record-breaking growth velocity, attributable to a major shift in the performance testing space. BlazeMeter’s growth is a very strong indicator of the central role continuous performance testing now plays in delivering high performance software. In a 12-month period, BlazeMeter has doubled its year-over-year annual revenue, number of enterprise customers and usage of its performance testing platform, while achieving more than 95 percent customer retention. The company’s exciting trajectory parallels growth achieved by top tier SaaS vendors during pre-IPO stages.


As consumer demand for high performing applications exponentially rises, DevOps organizations are compelled to deliver these applications in faster cycles.  Continuous testing and software performance optimization become essential to delivering value to end customers and the bottom line.  According to Gartner’s recently published Market Guide for Performance Testing, “Demand for performance-testing solutions will quickly increase, with faster delivery of new business functionality to more complex IT environments.”


“As our company continues to scale rapidly, the cost of poor performance is increasingly unacceptable,” said Andrew Spencer, Director of Technology, Stance. “When we made a major launch at last month’s Fashion Week, our site performance needed to scale-up drastically. With BlazeMeter, we were able to test our site performance consistently with ease, giving us the confidence and performance we needed to continue growing our business.”


“We are experiencing a fundamental shift, bigger than any that we have ever seen as a technology community. Developers are challenged by the need to innovate faster than ever while insuring the highest levels of application performance and quality,” said Alon Girmonsky, CEO and Founder of BlazeMeter. “This is precisely why we are seeing increased demand for our built for DevOps platform.  BlazeMeter offers digital businesses a scalable and agile performance testing solution to proactively control application speed, complexity and performance.”


BlazeMeter enables developers to quickly and easily run open-source based performance tests against classic web and mobile apps, all the way to microservices and API’s at massive scale at every stage of software delivery. Built for DevOps using standard formats like YAML and JSON, and allowing for atomic and complex scenarios, teams can introduce load and performance testing at the earliest stages of development through to the build, deploy and production stages. BlazeMeter has expanded its position as the leader in continuous performance testing by growing its customer base, community and industry partners.

Marquee Customers
BlazeMeter doubled its enterprise customer base thus far in 2015, helping household names such as Walmart, DirecTV, StubHub, Pfizer, Gap, Intel, NBC Universal, Domino’s, Ancestry, Express and Cisco deploy high-performance software, apps and websites with confidence. Adoption by the world’s largest and most recognizable brands has contributed to the company’s revenue doubling in the past year, and the company’s best quarter ever in the third quarter of 2015.


Community Support
BlazeMeter currently has the largest community of testing developers and engineers in the industry, numbering over 100,000 strong and growing by 200 percent this year thus far.


Partner Expansion
BlazeMeter has secured strategic partnerships with the market leaders in application performance management (APM) and continuous delivery, including Dynatrace, New Relic, AppDynamics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudBees, and IBM BlueMix, among others. Heading into the fourth quarter, the company will announce several new industry-leading strategic partners.


According to a recent report by Forrester Research, "Modern application delivery leaders realize that their primary goal is to deliver value to the business and its customers, faster. For many, this is a significant shift from the past, when they primarily focused on cost control and efficiency. Today, they must connect the work they do and the results they produce to business outcomes. To do this, application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders use a new set of metrics that help them monitor and improve the value they deliver, based on feedback from business partners and customers."


About BlazeMeter


BlazeMeter ensures delivery of high-performance software by enabling DevOps teams to quickly and easily run open-source based performance tests against any mobile app, website or API at massive scale to validate performance at every stage of software delivery. The rapidly growing BlazeMeter community of has over 100,000 developers and includes prominent global brands such as Adobe, Atlassian, Gap, NBC Universal, Pfizer and Walmart as customers. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California and Research & Development in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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