BlazeMeter Adds New Integrations, Comparative Reports and Enhanced KPI Monitoring to its Unlimited Testing Platform

Many new and enhanced features were added to BlazeMeter version 3.0 in November as part of the company’s ongoing product roadmap. This month’s new features include:


CloudWatch Integration – This provides users with detailed monitoring capabilities on tested sites and apps as they run on the AWS cloud. More about the CloudWatch integration


Comparative Reports – Users can compare reports to previous runs in order to easily detect changes and monitor trends in app behavior. More about comparing reports


Enhanced KPI Monitoring – It’s now possible for users to set their own thresholds to determine the success or failure of a test. The thresholds set by users can be based on any KPI monitored by BlazeMeter (such as the app response time, latency, error rate etc.) BlazeMeter will flag tests that don’t meet the limits set by the users. More about Thresholds


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