BlazeMeter’s Latest Updates: Dedicated IP Support, Projects and Organizations (Beta), and an Enhanced UI

BlazeMeter released new features and updates this week to improve user experience and capabilities.  


New features include Dedicated IPs, which enable users to run tests on applications and services located behind the corporate firewall without compromising security. With a single click, they can use dedicated IP addresses from AWS/BlazeMeter. In addition, everyone can now use the Selenium WebDriver feature - which offers the most realistic way to run load tests.


BlazeMeter launched a new Organizations and Projects feature in Beta mode. Users can put their tests into Project folders and collaborate with colleagues within designated ‘Organizations’. Members of a specific Organization will be able to view, edit and execute all tests and reports created within it.


The BlazeMeter User Interface (UI) now also has an extended User Settings section, allowing users to manage personal details, projects, organizations, and other account properties. In addition to the new features, BlazeMeter has enhanced the UI, with a more responsive resolution of charts in the Reports Summary, clearer instant notifications, an improved history bar, and more.


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