BlazeMeter’s Experts Behind Key Features in Apache JMeter Version 2.13

Load testing experts at BlazeMeter have once more contributed to key improvements made in JMeter’s latest version.


JMeter 2.13 has an impressive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. BlazeMeter, which is already fully compatible with the new version, contributed to the open source community with the following additions:


  • New Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Connection Times


It takes time to connect to a server before making a request and this can have an impact on the response times that you see, especially when an SSL handshake takes place.


For example: at the beginning of a test, there is always a spike in response times, which is normally due to the connections being established. Once the connection has been established, response times will decrease (assuming you’re using the keep-alive connections). It’s important to know if the changes in response times you’re seeing are caused by these connections being established or if they are due to a resource being exhausted. The ability to view connection times ensures users will get far more detailed metrics than before.   


  • Retry Behavior on Large-Scale Tests


As part of the improvements on Distributed Testing in the cloud, retry behavior has been added when starting tests on servers. This means it’s now possible for JMeter users to retry initialization attempts on large-scale tests if some of the remote servers are unavailable or down.


The latest JMeter version also comes with GUI improvements, enhanced reporting, bug fixes, and more.




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