APM Digest Includes BlazeMeter’s 2015 Predictions in Annual Roundup

APM Digest has incorporated BlazeMeter’s Application Performance Management (APM) predictions for 2015 in its hugely popular annual list. Tens of thousands of people from the APM community check out this roundup for the most insightful and controversial predictions on how APM will evolve over the following year.


This year, BlazeMeter’s Founder and CEO Alon Girmonsky offered APM Digest his predictions on how APM will integrate into a more collaborative development lifecycle.  Mr. Girmonsky believes that APM integration into the entire development lifecycle will become the standard for enterprises that want to stay agile.  


“In 2015, the software industry will have understood the benefits of development and operations working closely together as the DevOps movement continues to take hold. Testing will be an integral part of the mix so that all APM solutions will integrate with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing solutions.”


Alon Girmonsky, Founder and CEO, BlazeMeter


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