451 Research: CA BlazeMeter Ramps Up Enterprise Features

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 27, 2017, 451 Research, a research and advisory company focused on innovation and disruption in enterprise technology, has found that BlazeMeter has been enhancing its enterprise features.


BlazeMeter, the leader in open source-based continuous performance testing, has been developing new features and capabilities, which cater to enterprise needs, the research finds. These include a private cloud offering for on-premise load tests; a LoadRunner to open-source JMeter and Selenium script converter; and functional API testing.


451 Research expects these developments to open new doors to expansions within existing businesses and new business from enterprises, whether they have strict security requirements or used to use legacy tool LoadRunner. The research also finds that BlazeMeter has been a vocal proponent of the “Shift left” methodology, enacting continuous testing and continuous delivery as part of the agile development process. This is in line with BlazeMeter’s approach to empowering developer’s, DevOps and QA engineers, whether in enterprises or as individuals.


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About BlazeMeter


CA BlazeMeter: Formerly BlazeMeter, the company was recently acquired by CA Technologies. The solution ensures faster delivery of applications by enabling DevOps teams to quickly and easily run performance tests on-premises, in the cloud or on virtual private cloud against any app, website or API at massive scale to validate performance at every stage of software delivery. The rapidly growing CA BlazeMeter community has more than 100,000 developers and includes prominent global brands such as Adobe, Atlassian, Gap, NBC Universal, Pfizer and Walmart as customers.


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Press Contact

Clare Avieli
Director of Product Marketing, CA BlazeMeter