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API Performance Testing Tools: JMeter, Taurus, and BlazeMeter

In this article, we discuss different ways of running API Performance Testing using 3 of the most useful performance testing tools: JMeter, Taurus, and BlazeMeter.

Writing API Tests in Python with Apiritif

Unit tests are a staple of functional software tests. Learn to write unit tests for your API testing with Python and Apiritif. Get started now.

Shift API Testing Right with API Monitoring

Here’s the why and how of shift-right API monitoring, along with guidance on incorporating API monitoring into a larger test automation strategy. Start reading!

Advanced API Assertions with BlazeMeter API Testing and Monitoring

Using API assertions after requests in your test can help ensure your APIs are up, fast, and returning the data you expect in all of your environments. Learn to create complex assertions in BlazeMeter.

Enhanced Security for Client Certificates Based Authentication in BlazeMeter API Monitoring

In BlazeMeter API Monitoring, we have enhanced the PEM-encoded Client Certificates based authentication for API Monitoring Tests to also accept a key file or a passphrase. 

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RunScope Tests Can Now Notify Email Distribution Lists

We’re excited to share that email notifications of BlazeMeter API Monitoring Tests can now also be sent to distribution lists and non-member emails. Learn how!

Secure Your Valuables in BlazeMeter API Monitoring

We take security measures very seriously. So we're offering you an additional way to “secure” your valuable information via our Secrets Management feature for your API monitoring tests at BlazeMeter. Here's how.

3 Things to Look Out for When Stress Testing Your API

This blog shares 3 things to pay special attention to when stress testing your API, including designing and running your API load tests and how to manage them. Read more to become an API testing pro.

What is Postman and How to Use It for API Testing

When it comes to API testing, we have a lot of ways and tools to do it. In this post you will find out the basics of APIs, API testing and some popular tools that can help you achieve this.

Get Started with Swagger UI for API Testing

A step by step guide to using Swagger test UI for API Testing. Learn what is Swagger UI is and how to use open source tools for Functional Swagger API Testing.

8 Reasons You Should Use Gatling for Your Load Testing

Get 8 proofs that you should be using Gatling for your load testing requirements. Gatling vs jmeter- Gatling’s benefits and advantages are listed here,to answer your testing needs

The Complete Guide to API Testing with Taurus

There are many tools out there for performing API tests, such as Postman and JMeter. Today, I’ll walk you through setting up a simple API test with Taurus.

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Why Load Testing is Important

7 reasons why you should be load testing and running performance tests on your website, API or app. Read to learn how to load test your system successfully.

What is API Testing? The Complete Guide

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