Functional API Testing: Auto-Generate, Execute and Report on Thousands of Concurrent API Tests

API Testing in Seconds

API testing can be as simple as entering the URL, headers, method and body for your API requests and hitting “start.”

Pinpoint functional defects quickly using the built-in Error Report and ensure SLA’s are being met by applying thresholds.

Functional API Testing Using Your JMeter Scripts

With a click of a button, reuse your existing JMeter scripts and run them as functional API tests. Test single APIs or complete business scenarios and add them to your continuous testing process.

API Testing Drill-Down Reports & Trending Analytics

Most API Testing tools limit you to a high-level pass or fail report, but lack a drill down into the reasons your API failed.

Did it fail from a http status, or a particular assertion? Or was the service simply not available.

With BlazeMeter API Test you can review the test trending history to see if the quality of your APIs are improving, including single user performance.

Functional API Testing: Automated Test Case Generation Supporting Swagger & Manual

Whether or not you use Swagger, API testing is made easy with the click of a button to auto-generate thousands of test cases.

Simply upload your API spec. The test generation engine creates a comprehensive set of API testing cases (positive, negative, edge, etc…)

Not using Swagger yet? No problem. You can manually add the API definition and still auto-generate your API testing scenarios.

Automated API Testing Execution – Run Thousands of API Tests in Parallel

Many API testing tools only provide a method to execute a single test that you created manually.

With the number of API tests needed to thoroughly validate an API and the explosion of APIs, the manual approach is time consuming and labor intensive.

After auto-generating thousands of API testing scenarios, users can execute all test cases with the click of a button, or through a CI/CD process, and view the detailed results – all from the same screen.