Announcing BlazeMeter Test Data

"We are thrilled that Perforce is delivering test data for BlazeMeter. This new feature is a must-have for us, allowing our teams to combine mocks with load tests with the right data. It helps us shift left and simplifies our test data challenges."

Bala Maddu, Mobile Network Automation Architect, BT Group

BlazeMeter Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape Report for Worldwide Cloud Testing

The Continuous Testing Platform for Every Team

Test with no constraints! BlazeMeter was designed and built by engineers who love open source. Test as you go, at massive scale, and never leave your IDE. Prefer a UI? We have that too. Bring teams together in a single platform with shared visibility, tests, and reports. Speed digital transformation and shift quality left. Finally. DevOps that delivers.

Quality is Everyone’s Job

Enabling Continuous Delivery, Integration, & Testing Across The Enterprise

With a multitude of solutions and integration points the tool set provided the ability to advance automated quality integrations and testing within the life-cycle.

— Finance Industry Domain Manager

Most Versatile & Efficient Way To Develop Software Right From Planning To Execution

The full suite of robust methodologies helps us save a lot of time and keep bug fixes to a bare minimum.

— Junior Software Analyst

Revolutionising The Way To Do IT Change, Driving Predictability And In Turn Automation

This vendor provides a comprehensive set of Test capabilities to our company which is really driving our transformation, but also much broader transformation in design and change.

— Enterprise Architecture and
Technology Innovation Manager

Without a change in how we did testing, there was no way test cycles could keep pace with the agile teams.

— Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

The unified platform is a game changer... This is truly a Shift-Left product.

— Enric Forn, DevOps architecture manager,
Banco Sabadell

I have been looking for a unified end-to-end continuous testing solution for a long time. BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform adds significant performance, enabling us to deliver superior value to our customers, while saving valuable time and resources.

— Patrick Meeks, IT manager,
Williams Energy

DevOps Integrations Get it Done

Use the tools you want, with enterprise scale and security. BlazeMeter is built on and fully compatible with open source,
and has integrations with all the popular devops tools you prefer.

Let’s talk about how BlazeMeter can help you overcome your testing challenges.